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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to apply eye shadow compact

How to apply eye shadow compact

The eye shadow compact powder is the most used and also the easiest to apply: You can spread it with your fingers, with the brush or with the appropriate pads, depending on how you are and how best to get the best results. In this guide, I’ll explain the process to obtain a long-lasting makeup and effect.

  • Before applying eye shadow compact, spread a thin layer of translucent powder under the eyebrows and on the upper eyelid, so that the eye shadow has a better hold and last longer. Select the mode in which you apply the eye shadow and if you opt to use the brush, choose a round and soft bristles.
  • Choose three eye shadows: the first must be a light shade, the second and the third medium shade of dark shades. If you want a natural makeup, choose three shades of the same color (such as beige or ivory, brown and dark brown). Apply the lightest shade just below the eyebrows.
  • Stretch the medium shade on the eyelid and finally outline the eye with the darkest part, spreading the eyelid crease and in the outer part of the eye. With a thin brush, eyeliner, you can apply the darker shade even in the eye, above and below, if you want a deeper look ..
  • The gap between the various shades should not be equity, but it is very important to blend well and make the gradual transition from one color to another. When you apply the powder eyeshadow with a brush, immediately after removing the product tapping the handle of the brush on the package to remove the excess powder.