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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to apply the lighting on the face

September 19, 2013 |

The lighting allows us to perfect our make-up. In fact, it should be applied at the end of all the work, and allows us to illuminate areas of our face, so that it can appear in more complex carved. This … Read More

How to make up round eyes

September 18, 2013 |

If you have round eyes, you want to make them more streamlined and make a young trick that makes you get a look more sophisticated, follow the advice in this guide. With a few simple steps, you can enhance your … Read More

How to choose the right color nail polish

September 17, 2013 |

Perhaps there will never think about it, but when you choose the color of nail polish, in addition to color the important thing of all is to consider the shape of your nails. Surely, you’ve a nail polish color that … Read More

How to apply eye shadow cream

September 16, 2013 |

Among all the eyeshadows, those in cream are those more luminous. They have a creamy texture oil-based and usually occur in small round containers from which you can withdraw the product with your fingers or with a brush. In this … Read More

How to put lipstick fading colors

September 15, 2013 |

Lipstick is a cosmetic element essential to enhance the beauty of the lips and to prevent cracking of the same. For today in the market are available for many variations of colors and quality, even with antiallergic properties and moisturizing … Read More

How to apply eye shadow liquid

September 14, 2013 |

The liquid eyeshadow is little known, but it has the advantage of having a long life and not to slip in the folds of the eyelids. In this guide, you will find the advice to apply this type of eye … Read More