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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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As Lice

As Lice

How many times have you if you have children, especially if they go to kindergarten or school to hear the teachers or mothers talking alarm lice. It was once said that lice were dirt are now saying that there are everywhere. Below I will explain how to prevent the coming of the lice and make them go away.

Prepare : Anti lice shampoo, Comb steel available in pharmacies, Lice repellent spray

  • First wash your hair with the shampoo you normally use, then you take the anti lice shampoo that is in pharmacy is diluted in half a glass of water and switch on the hair like when you put the shampoo rubs his head taking care to pass well in the points behind the ears and near the neck.
  • We leave for five minutes then rinse thoroughly and repeat the process. This treatment should be done at least once or twice a week. You can also use the spray whenever the child or the person is at risk in places, making sure to spray on the parts hidden in long hair and then on the neck and ears, or generally if you have short hair.
  • In that case, however, are found lice and nits that the lice eggs on the head of the child and adult it is time to do the treatment with the shampoo as described above and then you will have very patiently combing with special comb very thin which is located in pharmacies, strand by strand and you will see that it is the eggs that the lice will come out at that point proceed with the treatment at least twice a week.