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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to Apply Mascara

How to Apply Mascara

Tell me that you have eye … and I’ll tell your mascara! For each type of eye should be used a different mascara. We must remember that we must also consider the type of lashes that we have. To each his own mascara .. I will try to be precise and concise in explaining!

  • The mascara should be applied last, when other cosmetics are already carefully arranged, and he brings the master’s touch. The note makes it special in more than the whole. Apply on the end of the lashes dry the first pass, and after a few seconds of waiting, wipe from the root at the tips. A little trick to spread it to better bend your head back and look down.
  • The Mascara applied to the upper lashes gives depth to the eye, while on the lower, lashes widen the eye. It absolutely forbidden if the lower lashes are few, because there is no reason to put them in evidence. The same goes for those who have the problem of dark circles, no mascara on the lower lashes.
  • Tips For Lashes thin. Typically thin eyelashes seem few and fragile, so it is given a volume mascara, which thickens, rather than one that stretching would help to make them even more miserable and haggard. In addition, I always recommend a waterproof mascara, in order to avoid a pitiful mascara leaking.
  • Council For Lashes thick. In contrast to many thin, eyelashes give the impression of being short, tablets and closer, so is the case with focus to infinity with a lengthening mascara. Also in this case it is preferable the water-resistant mascara to prevent sagging of color.
  • Council For Lashes normal. Who does not have any particular defects to be corrected, we recommend a curling mascara because your eyelashes are curved index of femininity and give the eyes a mischievous light and inviting. To have an effect false eyelashes just apply the mascara from base to tip by taking a zig-zag!
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