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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to apply pencil shaded eyes

How to apply pencil shaded eyes

The eye pencil for us woman is an essential element to give depth to the eye, to make the eye larger more beautiful and bright, whatever color it is. Sometimes for its completeness result, the pencil can also be enough by itself to create a simple trick but at the same time refined. Let’s see how to do it.

  • If like me you also adore the pencil, now I’ll explain how to best use it to create a gradient very nice to stretch your eye. Apply the cream base over the entire eyelid up to the brow bone, spreading the good. This will prevent the smearing your pencil. Then apply eyeshadow base.
  • You can choose between cream-colored eye shadow matte beige or pink depending on which you prefer. Apply it on the entire eyelid with a brush big enough, so grab a pencil, preferably waterproof as it lasts much longer and draws from a mid-pupil, trying to be very attached to the eyelashes, a thin line of pencil creating a small comma salt upward, roughly towards the end of the eye.
  • Fades very well with the cat’s tongue brush or with the blender included with the pencil. Get a little bit of eye shadow gray smoke, only need very little and nuance over the pencil, if you want you can also fade a little bit on the lower eyelid. At this point, take the powder and pass on the upper eyelid with the eyeshadow brush bigger and a little bit on the lower eyelid, will serve to set makeup and make it look deeper. Then, apply the mascara on both the top and bottom. If you want you can apply a little blush, and lip gloss ..