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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to apply the lighting on the face

How to apply the lighting on the face

The lighting allows us to perfect our make-up. In fact, it should be applied at the end of all the work, and allows us to illuminate areas of our face, so that it can appear in more complex carved. This guide teaches you the tricks to apply it to the fullest.

  • First, you have to proceed to the choice that is most enlightening for you. Indeed in trade there are different types, which may be enclosed in two categories: those liquids and those in powder instead. The choice of one or the other depends on your skin type. So choose the first format in the case of skin that tends to dry, and the powder will be suitable for those suffering from skin shiny.
  • Illuminants are in very light colors, just because they have the function of giving light to our face. Let’s see how to apply them to the fullest. The first point where you have to apply the lighting is just above the cheekbone, in the final part where you applied the blush. Take payment a small amount of product (powder or liquid), and begin to blend it well, until obtaining a homogeneous result.
  • The second area of ​​the face where to apply the lighting is on the nose. But mind you, the amount used must be small, and it must be nuances to perfection. After having a small amount nuances nose, proceed to apply a bit even on the chin, always blending well. The result should be one with the makeup of the rest of the face.