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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to choose a suitable hairstyle to face?

How to choose a suitable hairstyle to face?

We each woman is different, we can not all have the same haircuts, because not all they would be good, even if they are objectively beautiful cuts. The haircut, as well as the hairstyles must be fit to your face, then I will explain the haircuts suit every face shape.

  • Assume that if you have an oval face you will be fine most of the cuts and hairstyles, because it is a kind of face that lends itself to practically everything. However, if your face is round then you’ll have to be very careful to give more volume above the head, sensitive to scaling, but like best little volume, long cuts and side stripes.
  • If, however, your face is long, you do not have absolutely prefer the long cut, without movement, but you do cut very scaled, moved and you have to give so much volume, in fact, for you will be fine, wavy hair, curly … always remember to dry the hair using a diffuser.
  • However, when the problem is to have a face squared with massive jaws you will prefer the very soft curls to soften the lineament, or fringe that draws attention to the upper part of the face. Finally, there are those faces very special diamond like Nicole Kidman, they’re fine with the bangs and short cuts.