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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to cut your own hair?

How to cut your own hair?

Nowadays, even just give a little trim the hair at the hairdresser is becoming more expensive, not only economically, but also in terms of lost time waiting for your turn. If you have straight hair or wavy hair, when they become too long tend to flatten, a trim and a slight scaling make them lighter and stronger. Here’s how to do it yourself at home, saving time and money.

  • By following these simple steps without using a hairdresser, you can give a cut to the tips of your damaged hair and lighten the cut with a general scaling, alone and in your home. After washing your hair, leaving it still damp carefully Style to serving you with a brush or a comb and when you are upside down.
  • If you prefer to obtain a more gradual scaling tries to bend the head as far as possible towards the bottom, so that it is completely perpendicular to the floor; if instead like a scaling more “stepped” bends his head slightly less but always remaining upside down. Comb the hair in shambles position using a comb with teeth.
  • Staying stays in the position you combed your hair, parts from one end of the crown, depending on how you are most comfortable and comb a lock stopping the comb in straight parallel to the floor, a couple of inches from the tips ( or higher if you want a shorter cut, but do not overdo it at this stage, if not then you will be hard to touch up the cut). With scissors, following the length of the comb, cut your hair without completely closing the scissors but using only the part of the blade closest to the handle.
  • Passes adjacent to comb the lock, stopping the comb at the same height as before, taking as a reference the lock freshly cut and always keeping the comb quite straight. Continues to cut across the width of the crown. Remodeling and any points which may seem imperfect then raises his head.
  • Combs his hair by the line in the center and, if you wish, you can also climb the hair forward: parts from one side of the head, comb hair thoroughly with fine-toothed comb and with scissors, cut a run starting from a height just below the nose taking scissors diagonally downward, trying to soften the cut.┬áThen switch to the other side, take the lock just cut and comb the front of the eyes in order to refer to it to match the length of the other side. Run the cut as you did previously and finally dry the hair as you usually do.


  • The first few times, until you are comfortable, size only a few inches, trying to follow the cut that you already have, so you can avoid a cut wrong, and if you do not like the result, you still have hair long enough to adjust to the hairdresser.
  • If possible use scissors with short handles for more control over the cut.