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Fashion For Women | January 24, 2018

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How to get hair shiny and healthy in a natural way?

How to get hair shiny and healthy in a natural way?

Are you a fan of the classic grandma’s remedies? This simple guide is intended for those who want to revive hair naturally and economically. Particularly in times of stress, even the most fluent hair suffers. The hair becomes dull. You can go to the hairdresser or buy an expensive product restructuring or you can try this pack olive oil, the result is guaranteed!

  • The procedure is very simple. Take olive oil and distribute it evenly throughout the hair. The hair should be oily but not dripping. Possibly seeking to avoid the roots, spread rather the length. With the help of the comb to untangle the knots and make sure that the result is even.
  • With the help of bobby pins or tweezers stops the hair so that they do not fall on the shoulders, they are very long. Now take of the transparent film, the type of kitchen and wrap it around the head so as to form a cuff. In this way, the grease will not bother you and you’ll get cold. Alternatively you can use a plastic cap for hair, if you like those found in hotel rooms.
  • Now you have to be patient. At least two hours (three or four are fine) are necessary because the oil penetrates into the hair. Meanwhile, you’re free to do whatever you like, it is not a waste of time! After the shutter thoroughly washed your hair with a mild shampoo, wash three times is usually sufficient to remove all residue. Then make the turn as you are used to. Done! The hair will be shiny, shiny and full-bodied!.

– It is not suitable for those who have oily hair!