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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to have a smooth skin?

How to have a smooth skin?

A silky smooth skin is the dream of all women, it is a symptom of general well-being of the body and strong object of seduction. The skin needs a lot of care and attention especially when it shows dry and rough. And possible to use simple and natural remedies to get the best results. Let’s see how.

  • A healthy skin is first and foremost a skin well hydrated and nourished. You are advised to drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters a day) and eat good daily servings of fruits and fresh VEGETABLES. Make physical activity in order to maintain skin tone and elasticity. If you expose yourself to the sun, try to avoid the hottest hours in order to avoid heavy burns.
  • In the shower uses the mitt (found in the pharmacy or the supermarket). It’s ¬†an object useful to smooth those areas of the body where the skin is rough, full of small punticino like bubbles (usually found under the forearms or calves). Rub the glove on the areas to be polished for a couple of minutes and you will notice that your skin will be much smoother.
  • Rinsed with lukewarm or cold water and uses a cream after bath with extracts of avocado or shea butter, suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. Massaggiala on the skin until it is completely absorbed. If you are on holiday at the sea, always remember to use after-sun moisturizing lotion to prevent further irritation.