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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to make up blue eyes

How to make up blue eyes

In this guide, dear friend, I’ll teach you to make up blue eyes. The blue eyes are really beautiful, but sometimes we do not know how to exploit them. Well, now with a few products, a little attention and patience will you learn!

  • Get the spell of the color of your complexion and dark circles pass it on, take the eyeshadow cream-colored opaque and blended with the help of a large soft brush over the entire eyelid to the bone. Now pass the pearly eyeshadow dark yellow, (this is the complementary color of blue, then your eyes will stand out at the most) on the upper eyelid stretching outwards.
  • At this point, take the black pencil with smudge and draw a thin line on the upper eyelid extending to the outside, and on the lower lid, clasp the two lines forming a kind of triangle, pulling outwards to really stretch the eye, fades very carefully. Now pass the mascara.
  • Choose black mascara lengthening and curling, pass it twice both above and below the eye, being very careful not to form lumps. If you have the beautiful blue eyes, you also give colors like the orange, brown (derived from orange), brick, pink. I have shown this type of makeup as it is what stands out the most blue eyes!.