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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to makeup brown eyes

How to makeup brown eyes

Brown eyes are deep-set eyes capable of telling a thousand things at a glance, but unfortunately often go unnoticed. How many times looking in the mirror you’ve just had this feeling? In reality, in takes very few gestures to emphasize brown eyes. Learn how with this guide.

  • The eyes should always be loaded for the last compared to other parts of the face. Having, therefore, applied on the foundation that the powder, you can set about making up your eyes. Take the darker brown eye shadow. Pass the cotton swab over the eye shadow and blows away the excess powder. Now use the cotton bud just like you would a pencil making a line on the eyelid.
  • Start from the outside of the eye so that at that point to form a stretch more marked and wider than the rest of the eyelid. Repeat the same procedure for the other eye. The dark-brown color is used to give more depth to the eye and to make clearer the features of your eye.
  • Now take the beige eyeshadow. The advice is to use a color bright enough maybe with some golden speck. Takes a bit of eye shadow with the applicator for eye shadows. Switch the applicator only in the inner part of your eye. The light color on the inside of the eye is used to give shine to your look and create a balance between the colors.
  • Now take the medium brown eyeshadow shades. Withdraw the eyeshadow with the applicator for eye shadows. Switch the applicator in the middle of your eyelid where to now you have not put any kind of color. Above all through a little too dark-brown brown eyeshadow that you previously put in the outer part. Now you just have to apply mascara, and you’re done!