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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to put lipstick fading colors

How to put lipstick fading colors

Lipstick is a cosmetic element essential to enhance the beauty of the lips and to prevent cracking of the same. For today in the market are available for many variations of colors and quality, even with antiallergic properties and moisturizing or even with hyaluronic acid to increase the volume.

  • Put a nice neutral cocoa butter to moisturize your lips. Having done that absorb well, proceed by drawing with a pencil the outline of the lips. The color of the pencil will go to be the same as the lipstick that you are going to apply later. So go ahead and decided on a layer of lipstick color is not too strong.
  • It can be a beautiful rose more or less intense, depending upon the needs related both to their complexion clothing and / or makeup that you are going to associate. Be careful not to drool over the contours and if necessary, make appropriate corrections. Take now a lipstick color stronger, such as a beautiful, red or purple or even brown and begin to fade slightly.
  • Working mostly in the center of the upper and lower lips, and avoid touching the sides. You will have to create an effect of light and shadow, which will vary depending on your imagination and needs. Above all these games with color and light and shadow, you can supplement with a nice lip gloss that will give the final touch of sparkle ..