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Fashion For Women | February 18, 2018

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How to Tan Skin Quickly?

How to Tan Skin Quickly?

Who among us, at least in the summer, would not want to have a nice golden tan? For those like me who have a clear skin it is quite difficult but if you are among the lucky ones who can show off a beautiful skin color here are some tips to get it faster.

  • That is to say, first of all, the first thing to do is to protect your skin because having a nice tan on a little skin care does not make sense and you can bring some bad diseases. Should first of all start from the spring take tablets carotene or smoothies with carrots to induce the production of melanin.
  • Another thing to do is start taking the sun with the protection already mentioned, you must be very high at the beginning, little by little to accustom the skin to the sun. I also advise you to use an after-sun milk to nourish the skin after a day of sun and showers with products that maintain the tan.
  • You can also, if you’re at the beach or pool alternate time on the couch with that in water because the latter as you know reflects the rays of the sun and then multiplies the power of the sun. Too, a nice scrub the night before into the sun removes dead cells and helps the tan ..