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Fashion For Women | January 24, 2018

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How to use the best hair straightener?

How to use the best hair straightener?

Of all the techniques to make your hair smooth and shiny, the most effective is done by pressing the plate. For best results and protect your hair, follow the simple tips given in this guide. You’ll see that effect!

  • Currently, the market you can find many types of plates, to meet every need and every budget. If you decide to buy a plate take your pick preferring those ceramic, less damaging hair. Do not buy a plate with surface too large (more than 4 cm.) Is likely to be bulky, heavy, unwieldy and can only be used by those who have very long hair.
  • Although modern plates are definitely safer on the hair than a few years ago, it is still advisable not to abuse it. In the market there are thermal protectors, which you can use to protect your hair from excessive heat. Be careful not to overdo the dose otherwise the hair will seem heavy and greasy.
  • Before using the plate make sure your hair is neatly combed and absolutely dry, otherwise you risk not getting the bends you want but, above all, to ruin the hair. Divide your hair into sections, using clothespins and starts to seed cells taking the locks no larger than 2-3 cm. Making fast passages and possibly repeating a couple of times.┬áTo ensure that the entire lock is applied at the same amount of heat, aided with the comb using it just before passing the plate
  • Do not use the plate locks too big: you will get an uneven distribution of heat, warming the outside of the hair strand (which will be destroyed) and does not reach the inner layers. Be careful not to use the plate too close to the scalp and ears, to avoid painful burns. If you want to maximize the life of the crease use a fixative.